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One of my senior pics. 


One of my senior pics. 

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happy women attract happy men. 

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So Jer called the MNR and apparently coyote hunting is open all year long in my area….they must be a problem. Anyways Jer got up before me Sunday morning and went out back and managed to get one. My parents seemed pleased, I think they were making my mom nervous with the dogs and stuff.We’ll see if Jer decides to do any more hunting for coyote before he goes up north for deer. 

Anonymous said: The coyotes are getting really bad near my farm too. I live in rural southern ontario and they killed our neighbors' german shepherd, killed our chickens, and were actually up on my best friend's porch. Good for you for going hunting. We've had coyote hunters (the ones with dogs) in before and they don't seem to make much of an impact unfortunately

I live in rural southern Ontario too! Where abouts are you? I can’t believe they killed a German Sheppard…I know they can get fairly big, but to attack a large dog like that? Makes me worried because we have two barn dogs, a lab and a retriever, never mind my 3 little ones too…I’ve also heard stories of them walking onto peoples porches and in town! Coyote season is apparently open all year round here, my boyfriend checked, I guess they’re a problem, if you can hunt them all year long. 

So Jer’s coming up here to hunt coyote this weekend. 

Now let me tell you why before all y’all city kids go “huntings bad, coyotes control the rodent population, blah blah blah.” 

They’ve been getting really daring lately, I can hear them loud as day in the east pasture at night beside my room, and there are a lot of them. They never used to wander onto our property they kind of just lingered in the corn fields.

The little shits though, the Millers way down the road from us used to own sheep, I could hear the coyotes killing their sheep at night and it was a horrible sound. They legit walked into their barn and stole the sheep, they weren’t even in the field. 

They’re even making dens in my other neighbours barn. 

I don’t know if it’s because the black bears are wandering around and pushing them closer to us, or if they’re just getting curious…I don’t know, I’m not educated on that stuff. 

They’ve even killed a ladies Jack Russell down the street. Now we have two Jack’s and a chihuahua, and we can’t even let them out of the house unless we’re cautious. 

We’ve seen a coyote in the east pasture at 3 in the afternoon, and one in the north barn yard by the horses (I know they won’t hurt horses - to many, heard mentality etc), by the fence and barn.

Our poor barn dogs howl all night long. I feel like they’re taunting my dogs.

So we’ll see what happens I guess.  

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Sounds I hear on a average nightly basis:

1) Horses Galloping.

2) Coyotes howling.

3) Wolves howling.

4) Sheep or cows.

5) Coyotes killing sheep.

6) Crickets.

7) Birds that chirp alllllll night. 

8) Bugs buzzing on the screen.

9) Loft barn door slamming in the wind.

10) Myself blinking because I cannot sleep.

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